NEW MUSIC: Morly – Sleeping In My Own Bed by CASCINE

Morly – Sleeping In My Own Bed

‘Sleeping In My Own Bed’ is the first single taken from Morly’s upcoming 12″ of the same name, which launches August 25, 2017.

Minneapolis-born, LA-based producer and vocalist Katy Morley, aka Morly, writes stirring compositions that explore the transient space between joy and melancholy. In the autumn of 2013, she abandoned academia to follow an irrepressible drive to fuse emotion with sound. Informed by her choral background and a penchant for minimalism, Morly emerged with a set of recordings that worked their way into the hearts of fans and industry people alike.

In 2015 and 2016, Morly released her first two EPs with Cascine, and began performing music to audiences across North America, an experience that impressed upon her the real power of a song to connect with people. Yielding to the influence of her favorite musical artists — Nina Simon, Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan — she went back into the studio inspired to use her sound experiments to deeper explore the potential of a song. Teaming up with producer and kindred musical spirit, Christopher Stracey, and enlisting the talents of some LA musician friends, they produced a collection of songs in his Silver Lake studio. ‘Sleeping In My Own Bed’ is the first release from their collaboration, and marks a transition from Morly relying primarily on the computer to make music toward a more tactile approach, developing a song “so it can exist in human hands.” Morly shared of her new material, “Lyrically I love how much it can say with such a simple thought. How it can twist to feel both lonely and empowered. It’s something I needed to hear.”

‘Sleeping In My Own Bed’ will be released on a limited-edition 12”. Art for the cover is an original painting by Katy Morley.

“Elegantly stark production…stunning and soulful” – Gorilla vs. Bear

“plaintive melodies with slinky, up-to-date pop production” – The FADER

“Know the name Morly? Familiarize yourself with it now” – Noisey


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