NEW MUSIC: Vanessa Silberman – Shine by WIENER RECORDS

Vanessa Silberman – Shine
Shine was the last song released off LA based (but mainly on the road) alternative DIY rock artist Vanessa Silberman’s solo self titled debut EP, in which the song shows Vanessa’s first attempt of playing, recording, programming & mixing nearly everything (except for featuring her friend Producer Kyle Black’s bass work on the chorus’s) –Shine is a example of wanting to show recording diversity onthe EP & demonstrate the art of do-it-yourself, some of the songs vocals recorded in her friends bathroom & all the drums were programmed by her on her old iMac opposed to the song American Folk Rock which completely counters the recording & was recorded at South Africa’s BOP Recording in one of the worlds most expensive studios.
Lyrical the songs message is uplifting, honest as well as one of her most personal releases yet.

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