NEW MUSIC: Freak Terrains w/ Amanda Colbenson – October 6, 2017 by Mexican Summer

Freak Terrains w/ Amanda Colbenson – October 6, 2017
Amanda Colbenson (Ghostly International, Brooklyn Flea Record Fair) and her dog Misty joined us for an hour of vinyl selections, new and old.

Vangelis, “Blade Runner”
Blade Runner (1993)

santa y su gente, “pájaros en el jardin”
Urgente (1974)

Mariah, “takayuki hijikata”

Holger Czukay, “Persian Love”
Movies (1979)

Denis Mpunga & Paul K., “Intermezzo III”
Criola (2017)

Etienne Daho – “Signé Koko”
La Notte, La Notte… (1984)

Cloud One, “Dust To Dust”
Atmosphere Strut (1976)

Nohelani Cypriano, “Lihue”
Nohelani (1979)

AMETHYST, “Midnight Rendezvous”
Midnight Rendezvous (1986)

James Mason, “Funny Girl”
Rhythm Of Life (1977)

Lynsey de Paul, “Crystal Ball”
Love Bomb (1975)

Creative Source, “You Can’t Hide Love”
Creative Source (1973)

“Om” Alec Khoali, “Say You Love Me”
Say You Love Me (1985)

Saâda Bonaire, “Your Touch”
Saâda Bonaire (2013)

Napoleon Cherry, “When You Had The Chance (Vocal Version)”
When You Had The Chance (2015)

Carlos Niño & Friends, “alice’s chord – live”
Flutes, Echoes, It’s All Happening! (2016)

Hannu Karjalainen, “Angel”
A Handful Of Dust Is A Desert (2017)

Gregg Kowalsky, “Maliblue Dream Sequence”
L’Orange L’Orange (2017)

Rapoon, “The Same River Once”
Vernal Crossing (1994)

Sorry Bamba, “Yayaroba”
Sorry Bamba Du Mali (1977)

Unknown Artist, “When Koaa (edit)”
Decent International 01 (2016)

Dungen, “Alberto Balsalm (Aphex Twin cover)”
Lagniappe Sessions Vol. 1 (2016)

Roxy Music, “True To Life”
Avalon (1982)

The Modern Lovers, “Pablo Picasso”
The Modern Lovers (1976)

Alessandro Alessandroni, “Afro Discoteca”
Afro Discoteca (2017)

Herbie Hancock, “Gettin’ To The Good Part”
Lite Me Up (1982)

Spencer & Saginaw, “*b_W (AmbACiD Version)”
Real Talk (2017)

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