NEW MUSIC: Rhonnie Tsunami – I Think I Got It by WIENER RECORDS

Rhonnie Tsunami – I Think I Got It
Slacker rock/indie duo, Rhonnie Tsunami have been rocking under different realms since the early 2010s. Influenced by the underground Brooklyn rock/diy scene, Rhonnie has played most successfully at DIY shows around the borough of Queens, New York in the absence of an organized rock scene, creating their own along with bands from the same generation and area. Brainchild, Dave Worko puts his unconcerning vocals and lyrics into rhonnie’s bass gouging and wet sounding guitar tones along with drummer jerry Rodriguez’s deep, thumping style. Rhonnie has put out a series of amateur diy albums throughout the years, containing both heavy angst ridden tunes, moving indie pop ballads, as well as slacker style and fun quickies. Their simple approach to songwriting makes it easy for feelings and statements to be expressed.

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