3rd Out Of Focus Music Video Fest 2017

May 31st 2017 The New Parkway in Oakland, CA

The 3rd OOF Music Video Festival was our biggest yet! Selections included new work by Apache, OTZI, Xiu Xiu, Chrysta Bell, Golden Drugs, and Meat Market. Check out the ballot to the left to see the winners.

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Watch official selections here

GENERAL RULES For Video Submissions: Preview submissions may be on DVD or link to your video. Please ensure that your video plays fully. All submission media should be clearly marked with title, total running time, date created, and email address. Please ensure if you are submitting a film that contains copyrighted material by anyone other than yourself, that you have obtained festival clearance for that material used. All entrants warrant and undertake that they have obtained all relevant rights and written permission from individuals featured in the entry. All participants warrant that their movie does not violate federal law. By sending OOF a link, participants agree that OOF Video Festival can use the video as well as pictures and names attached to the film for advertising and public relations purposes in connection with marketing the OOF Video Festival. OOF may use the information participants provide to contact participants regarding their products and services. By entering your work, you agree to this and the responsibilities involved. Submitting your video represents accepting all the terms and conditions specified above. (Sorry for all the legal, but it's necessary to showcase your video!)

All questions should be sent to outoffocustv@gmail.com.